Little Pink Casa Inspiration {A Tribute to my Grandma}

In honor of my Grandmother Margaret Rosales, I begin this blog adventure with the pure inspiration of nothing else but her little pink casa.  

Yes, she did own a cute little house with pink siding exterior where my Grandpa and her resided.  This is the little house I visited so many times through out my life to see Grandma.  

My Grandparent's little Pink casa

How can you put into words a life that has lived and seen 93 years of history?  

Can you wrap your mind truly around that?  Well, for my Grandma who lived to be 93 years old, I would say. . . yes, absolutely!

Grandma was a homemaker and raised six children.  

She was born on the brink of the roaring twenties and lived her childhood and teen years during the great depression.  She raised her children during the baby booming 40's and 50's.  She became a Grandma in the 60's.  Can you see the pattern here.  She lived her life through decades of what many call the "good ole days".  

My Grandma also worked small jobs here and there outside the home to help the family.  She was a hard worker and did what always needed to be done for her children and grandchildren.  She was also married for more than 50 years to my Grandpa Manuel and widowed for thirteen.  

I loved to visit her and chat with her over coffee.   I'd pamper her with a Mary Kay facial, take her out to tea parties with my Mom.  We had so many good times, yes . . . I was blessed.  

As I often sat down with my Grandma and interviewed her quietly with the intent of one day writing about her life, I grew to believe that out of her little pink casa, walls could talk.  

Even today I sadly reflect.  

On May 24, 2012, this world lost a great woman that many may not have even cared to know her name, yet all who knew her, called her by name.  

My Grandma even in her weakness, was made strong.  

No doubt about it, she would let you know her mind and her opinions.  Any one of us in the family could tell you that Grandma inspired us in different ways.  

We are proud to be apart of such a great heritage that can be passed on. She served the Lord with gladness and it showed in her giving heart.  

Grandma . . . this blog is dedicated to you.  I love you!

So, what is the mystery about the Little Pink Casa?  

Well, as I started this blog it brought me back to enjoying the simple joys of homemaking.  I think back to the time when my Grandma was my age.  That time period shares many similarities with today.  As moms and wives we can relate to the women of that time.  

Today, we are all about saving money, stretching our dollar, back to basics and simplicity.
Ask a woman who is in her 70's and 80's today and she will tell you all about it.  They are the experts.  They lived through it-tried and tested it.  

From generation to generation we are blessed by these women and can learn so much from their wisdom.  

Isn't it time we get back to the basics again?  

In a critical time like today, we need this even more now than ever.  Jesus needs to be the foundation of every marriage and family.  When God is first, blessings will follow you all the days of your life.  From generation to generation.  Let’s journey on this narrow way together.

As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord!  Joshua 24:15

So now you know a little bit about why this blog is called the Little Pink Casa

Sit back and relax.  Come back to a time of beauty, elegance and simplicity.  

Welcome to the Little Pink Casa! 

How has your Grandmother influenced you?  

Can you relate to the women of yesteryear and how?  

I can't wait to share this journey with you! 

Blessings and Shalom

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